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SAPION is a Global SAP training academy offering online training for both working professionals and graduating college students. With strong focus on the SAP Net Weaver, Business Intelligence, SAP Technical and HANA Technologies, SAPION strives towards building its students into well rounded SAP professionals. SAPION's training methodology relies heavily on "Confidence Building" philosophy. It ensures that students not only gain technical knowledge of the subject but also are coached to improve their presentation and interviewing skills to help them face the industry with more confidence. SAPION was formed by senior SAP professionals based in the US with extensive experience in SAP implementations in the large multinational corporations. The company was formed with a vision and a passion to provide much needed quality SAP resources to the ever growing global SAP market. We, at SAPION believe in preparing our students to have the knowledge, skills, and confidence to become a comprehensive SAP Professional.The training program is imparted by experienced practicing SAP consultants with Fortune 500 companies and SAP certified instructors, having in-depth subject knowledge, project implementation experience and proficient teaching skills.
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